This piece was created over the course of 3 weeks on full time. This room was a part of an fps-game project in school called "Contained". Together with my fellow developers in Odd Box (read more about us at the "Games" section of my website), we decided on the setting of you making your way through an abandoned research facility, with an unknown danger lurking around you.
This particular room is introduced within the first couple of minutes into the game. The player is notified from the telecom about the dangers of other people being the same facility as you. After receiving this information, the door opens and reveals these people slaughtered by something else. The room itself was designed with a common room in mind, in which the staff working on the facility would have a place to feel more at home.

All of the environmental assets were created and textured by me. The decals used is from Quixel.
The bodies used in this scene was created by talented character artist Kevin Lundmark ( and posed by Ville Westermark ( and Alfons Sahlberg (

The piece was put together with the help of feedback and tips from my fellow students and teachers at The Game Assembly, in which I studied Game Graphics during the course of which this piece was done. You can read more about my fellow students and the school itself (in swedish) here: